Graeme Mackenzie’s publications on Scottish Clan and Family History:

"The Reluctant Explorer - Sir Alexander Mackenzie", Inverness Courier, July 1989 (series of three articles celebrating the bicentenary of the first crossing of the North American continent by a European).

"The McMillans of Glen Urquhart", Inverness Courier, January & February, 1990 (series of six articles charting the history of the clan in The Glen from the 16th to the 20th century).

"The Americas Not Always a Land of Plenty", Inverness Courier, April 1991 (series of three articles based on letters home in the 1830s from indentured ploughman Alexander Mackenzie showing a different sort of life for a Highland emigrant).

"The Late Adoption of Surnames and Patronymic Puzzles from Kiltarlity", Highland Family History Society Journal [HFHSJ], May 1992.

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"The Macmillans in Glenurquhart"; Highland Roots, Inverness, 2010.

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"Cabarfeidh's Cousins: Essays in Clan MacKenzie History & Genealogy"; Highland Roots, Inverness, 2015 (reprints of articles originally published in the Clan MacKenzie Society Magazine).

"Clan MacMillan: A New History"; Inverness 2016.
"Clan MacMillan: A New History Supplement"; Inverness 2016.

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"The MacKenzies of Dalmore" in The Scottish Genealogist, Vol. LXVIII, Nos 3 & 4 (2021).

"Clan MacMillan: A Complete History" (2022)
- an updated version of the 2019 "New History" integrated with material from the Supplement to that work.

"MacDonalds, MacQueens, and MacQuians" in HFHSJ, Vol. 41, No. 4 (August 2023).

"Clann Ualraig: The Highland Kennedies" in HFHSJ, Vol. 42, Nos. 1, 2, & 3 (Nov. 2023, Feb. 2024, May 2024). 

Graeme continues to contribute regularly to the HFHSJ, and has features in most editions of the Clan MacMillan International Newsletter and the Clan MacMillan International Magazine (each published once a year) and the Magazine of the Clan MacKenzie Society of Scotland & the UK (published annually).